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MLS Enhanced Listing Package

  • Average Savings

    Average Home: $300,000
    Agent Commission: 3-6%
    You save: $18,000

  • Higher Sale Prices

    The national average sale price*

    for homes listed on the MLS is 30%

    higher than non-MLS listed homes

  • Success Rate

    More than 80% of homes sold are

    listed on the MLS

Great Fit If…

You want to sell your home as quickly as possible and
don’t mind working with buyers’ agents.

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MLS Enhanced Listing Package Includes:

Local MLS for 6 Months

Reach more prequalified and motivated buyers by advertising your property on your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a private database for licensed agents in your area. Many buyers use agents to find homes, and those agents only find listings through their local MLS. Your MLS listing includes six photos of your property, a custom property description, the ability to advertise Open Houses. All buyer contacts go directly to you through a message forwarding system. Listing for 6 Months

Advertise your property on—one of the most popular real estate websites—no matter where you live in the United States. Your listing includes six photos of your property, a custom property description of up to 2,500 characters, and the ability to advertise Open House dates. All buyer contacts go directly to you through a voicemail and email forwarding system.

Unlimited Photos on

Don’t stop at six photos on your listing, upload as many as you want! Photographs generate better response from potential buyers. We’ve found that customers with more than six photos receive 2x more views and 3x more email inquiries.

Home Video on

Listings with videos get 82 percent more emails from interested buyers. You have two options for adding a video to your listing:

&#8226 Upload your own video and customize it with captions and key points. (View a video example.)

&#8226 Create a video with your pictures using our easy Video Showcase tool. (View a sample video.)

Heavy-Duty Yard Sign Kit

It’s not just a sign, it’s a whole kit! We don’t want to add to your clutter, so let us know if you’re interested when you purchase your package. We’ll ship it to you free of charge. This kit includes:

&#8226 Heavy-duty yard sign

&#8226 Weatherproof brochure dispenser

&#8226 Directional sign (9″x24″) and stand

Active Listing Until You Sell

It takes an average of five to six months to sell a home in a balanced market. Having an “Until-Sold” listing on ensures that your house is online indefinitely for a one-time fee, even if you decide to take it off the market for a period of time. Standard Listing

Get immediate exposure to nearly 3 million visitors per month on our site. Your full-page online listing includes an animated photo gallery and a 1,000-word property description. All listings come with six photos, but more can be added through your Selling Center. Log in to your account customize and manage your listing at any time.

Instant Online Promotion

Reach more than 30 million potential buyers per month across a network of leading real estate websites. Your property will automatically appear as a standard listing on Zillow, Yahoo! Homes, Redfin and HomeFinder. Plus, your listing is searchable on’s iPhone and Android mobile apps.

Exclusive Marketing Tools and Resources

Selling by owner is easier than you might think. Our easy–to-use Home Selling Workbook takes you through the “For Sale By Owner” process so you know what to expect. And don’t worry about designing printable property flyers—we do it automatically for you in your personal Selling Center.

Post Your Property on Craigslist can generate a lot of additional exposure for your property. Use this tool to post your listing on Craigslist, complete with your photos, description and a link to your listing.

Live Customer Support 7 Days a Week

Got a question? Call us. We’re available seven days a week so you get the most out of our tools and services.

Open House Scheduler

Hold an Open House to invite potential buyers to take a no-pressure tour of your home. Use this tool to schedule up to three Open Houses at a time and publicize them on your listing.

Email Message Center

Keep your contact information private as you communicate with interested buyers through our secure email forwarding service. When you complete your listing ad on, your email address is hidden behind the link “Click Here to Contact Seller.” This security feature allows potential buyers to email you through a form and masks your personal email address, so it won’t be added to bulk mailing lists. Read messages from potential buyers in your private Email Message Center, and reveal your personal email address only when you decide to reply.

Free Voicemail

All paying customers have access to our FREE Voicemail service. This system allows you to record a greeting and receive messages from potential buyers. The best part: The voicemail access number is on the National Do Not Call Registry, which means that it is illegal for solicitors to contact you through this service. Once you purchase a selling package, you can activate this free service by visiting your Selling Center and clicking “Activate Free Voicemail.” We’ll take you through the setup process.

Home Selling Guarantee

We’re dedicated to helping you sell your home, that’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Read more about our Home Selling Guarantee, or call 1-888-FOR-SALE.

Preview What Comes with Your MLS Enhanced Listing Features

Full-Page Listing with Unlimited Photos

Property listing on

Attract buyers with unlimited photos in an animated photo gallery on, and describe your property in 1,000 words or less. Log in to your account to manage photos and edit your listing at any time.

Daily Stats

Property listing daily stats on

Monitor activity on your listing and property flyer through your personal dashboard and customize your listing exposure with upgrades in your Selling Center.

Email Message Center

Email Message Center on

Screen email inquiries from potential buyers and keep your personal contact information hidden until you’re ready to respond.

Open House Scheduler

Open House Scheduler on

Schedule up to three Open Houses at a time, then publicize them on your listing.

Maximum Exposure

Local MLS

Local MLS

Reach more motivated buyers by advertising your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with six photos for six months. Listing Listing

Includes a custom property description with six photos and the ability to advertise Open House dates on one of the most popular real estate websites.

Bonus Listings

Standard Listing on Zillow

For sale by owner home listing on

We’ll send your listing to Zillow, a home and real estate marketplace, within two business days from the time you create it.

Standard Listing on Yahoo! Homes

For sale by owner home listing on Yahoo! Homes

Within two business days, we’ll send your listing to Yahoo! Homes, where it’ll become part of the largest online real estate network.

Standard Listing on Redfin

For sale by owner home listing on

See your listing on Redfin, the first online real estate brokerage for home-buyers and sellers, within two business days of creating it.

Standard Listing on HomeFinder

For sale by owner home listing on

Your listing will be automatically fed to HomeFinder, another real estate site to give your listing additional exposure, within two business days from the time you create it.

Marketing Tools

Heavy-Duty Yard Sign Kit yard sign kit

Let your yard do the talking with this heavy-duty yard sign and weatherproof brochure dispenser, plus a directional sign and stand.

Post Your Property on Craigslist property listing on Craigslist

Use this tool to post your listing on Craigslist, complete with your photos, property description and a link to your listing.

Home Selling Workbook Home Selling Workbook

Follow this instructional guide to stay on track through the entire home selling process.

Printable Property Flyers printable property flyers

With one just click, you can turn your online ad turns into professionally-designed 8.5″x 11″ property flyers that you can print at home.

Success Stories from MLS Enhanced Listing Customers

Frequently Asked Questions about the MLS Enhanced Listing Package

Listing Your Property

When will I see my listing on

After you select a package and create your account, we’ll walk you through three easy steps to create a great listing ad. Your listing is posted to our site as soon as you complete and publish your listing ad.

How do I manage my listing?

You’re in complete control of your listing. Log in to your account to customize or make changes to your listing at any time. Edit your description, upload photos, add video, schedule Open Houses, and more. You can even track how many people have viewed your listing on through daily stats on your personal dashboard.

What happens if I want to take my home off the market?

Log in to your account and mark your listing inactive in your Selling Center. This will update your online listing ad so buyers will know your home is off the market. When you’re ready to put your home back on the market, log in to your account and re-activate your listing. You will not be charged a fee. If you have a or MLS listing, you will need to contact your independent broker separately.

How do I cancel my MLS listing?

Email your assigned broker to cancel your MLS listing at any time and free of charge. However, if you cancel before your six-month listing expires and then want to get back on, you will need to re-purchase a local MLS listing, even if it’s within your original six-month timeframe. Please note that canceling your MLS listing will also end your listing syndication to sites like HomeFinder; it will not cancel your listing. You’ll need to log in to your account to cancel your listing on our site, or call us toll-free at 1-888-FOR-SALE (367-7253) and we’ll walk you through the process.

Maximum Exposure

What kind of paperwork will I need to fill out for the MLS?

After you purchase the For Sale By Owner MLS Enhanced Listing package, you will work with a b-owner friendly broker to complete the paperwork. You will be contacted within three business days with information on how to fill out the forms that confirm your MLS listing agreement. (If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder or email

How long will it take for me to see my MLS listing?

Once you return the completed the forms with your photos to your independent broker, your property will be placed on your local MLS within one business day, then automatically syndicated to within three business days.

How do I add photos to my MLS listing?

Choose up to six photos of your property to feature on your MLS listing and submit them to your independent broker, who will give you more details on the type of photos to submit and manage the photos in your listing for you. (Add up to 25 photos when you upgrade your listing through your Selling Center.)

How do I edit my MLS listing?

All edits must be submitted to your independent broker in writing, and the changes will be made within one business day. You may make two edits to your MLS listing during the six month period, free of charge. Changes to the price or status (“Sold” or “Under Contract”) on your MLS listing are always free of charge. Additional revisions can be made for a fee of $25 per change. It may take up to 10 days for changes to your MLS listing to be reflected on

Can I be on my local MLS for more than six months?

Your property will remain active on your local MLS for six months. You can renew for an additional six months by logging into your account and clicking on “Upgrade My Listing.”

Can you show me an example of what my listing might look like on the MLS?

Absolutely. Here’s a sneak peek at your MLS listing.

Are there any local regulations with the MLS that I should be aware of?

Yes. Some states have rules regarding yard signs, changes to your listing and closing procedures. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Why do I have to offer a commission to get my home on the MLS? What are the typical rates?

The MLS advertises to thousands of eager agents that have buyers looking for homes. In order for your independent broker to add your property to the local MLS, you’ll need to agree to offer a commission fee to a buyer’s agent; typically 2 to 3 percent is acceptable. By offering a commission, agents are more likely to bring their qualified buyers to your home, and you are 25 percent more likely to sell. Of course, if you sell your home to a buyer who is not represented by an agent, you don’t owe anyone this commission fee.

What if I don’t want to offer a commission to a buyer’s agent on the MLS?

No problem. We think the Deluxe package would be a good fit for you.

Bonus Listings

When will I see my listing on Zillow, Yahoo! Homes, HomeFinder and Redfin?

Once you publish your listing ad on, it typically takes two business days for your listing to appear on Zillow, Yahoo! Homes, HomeFinder and Redfin.

What are MLS affiliated sites?

There are hundreds of MLS-affiliated websites across the country that post MLS listings. Your property may be listed on one or more additional MLS-affiliated websites giving you extra exposure!

Marketing Tools

How do I create Professional Property Flyers?

Log in to your account and visit your Selling Center once you’ve purchased a package. With one just click:

&#8226 Your online ad turns into professionally-designed 8.5″x 11″ property flyers that you can print at home.

&#8226 Post your listing ad on Craigslist and your social networks using our simple sharing tools.

Will my video be seen everywhere listing appears online?

The video you upload to your listing will only be seen on We do not share your video with other real estate sites.

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