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Gauge the Investment You’ll Need to Make Before Listing

There’s a balance between how much you can afford to invest in your home before listing and how much of that investment you are likely to recoup when you sell. Only you can make that decision based on your financial situation. Sometimes, “as is” makes sense for your bottom line even though you run the risk of it negatively affecting your sales price.

Before you invite potential buyers into your home, perform your own inspection like a pro (or hire a professional to do a certified pre-inspection), then fix what is worth fixing.

6 to Fix Before You List

As you inspect and consider upgrades, focus on these six areas that buyers and inspectors notice first:

• Poor drainage that allows water to damage the foundation
• Faulty heating or cooling systems that are also energy inefficient
• Neglected maintenance of household appliances
• Plumbing problems
• A leaking or damaged roof
• Electrical problems

Once you have decided where to focus your home improvement projects, you can gauge the cost of those repairs and the time it will take to make them. You’ll be in good position to decide whether you can afford to update your home now, or if you need to postpone your sale while you make the repairs that will ensure your home shows in the best light possible.