Go with the Glow

Just because the curb is covered in snow doesn’t mean that your house has lost its curb appeal.
Winter can be your best friend.  The gray, muddy months of November, March and April don’t make for pretty yards in the north. But toss on a blanket of snow and a scraggly yard looks like a picture postcard.
Of course you’re keeping the walks shoveled, the icicles cleared and the salt spread. Here are some additional ideas to make the most of snowy weather.

Even if you don’t go whole-hog on your outdoor decorations, light up at least one tree, preferably one near the walk. Not only will it light the way, it will be a little outpost of good cheer as potential buyers approach and depart.

Hang a big red bow on your sign. Then you can tell buyers to look for the house with the bow on the sign – a cheery way to start their house tour. Bows are available for only a few dollars at home improvement superstores.

What do visitors see as they step inside your house? Interiors can get a little chaotic at Christmas time. Keep the sight lines clear. If necessary, draw visitors’ attention with a grouping of bright poinsettias visible from the front door. They’ll be eager to get inside.

Make sure extra-bright bulbs are in your porch lights.

Draw attention to back yard features with a couple spots of color. A snowman wearing a plaid scarf or a lit decorative deer can draw attention deep into the yard – especially important when inclement weather prevents people from going out.

Image courtesy of Morguefile contributor orchid.

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