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Listing on Home Listing Monster

You are one step closer to having a Listing!’s partner broker, Home Listing Monster, is your facilitator. Home Listing Monster will post your home on, where it will be seen by millions of house hunters each month.

Your next step is to complete the online Home Listing Monster listing form:

  • Visit and log in with the following username and password:
    • Use your email address as your username.
    • Your password is your first name up to the first space, as you entered it during the sign-up process.
      • For example, if your email is and the name you entered is John M. Doe, then your username would be “” and your password would be”john”.
  • Your listing paperwork will be filled out online and a PDF document will be generated for your records.
  • Home Listing Monster will use the information on the forms to create your listing.
  • Once the information is filled out, photos can be uploaded online.
  • Please allow 72 hours for your listing to be uploaded to
  • Once your listing is live, Home Listing Monster will send you an email with your MLS number and a link to your listing.

To view your listing on

  • Visit and search for your property’s MLS number that your broker facilitator provided to you.
  • You can also conduct a search on using your property’s zip code and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Contacts from buyers:

  • Email inquiries will be forwarded directly to the email account you provided on your paperwork within 24 hours.
  • Your direct phone number will not be posted on your listing. Instead, all phone inquiries will go to a prerecorded voicemail message informing house hunters of your phone number.

Updating your listing:

  • You can make a total of three text or photo changes and post four open house notifications to your listing. Additional changes may be made for $25 per revision.
  • Remember to ask your broker to post your “Open House” notice on your listing.
  • Price and status changes (“under contract” or “sold”) are always included in the fee that you paid to
  • Please email all listing update requests to and allow 24 – 72 hours for your changes to be reflected on