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Planning a Long Distance Move

Following these long-distance moving tips will make your life, and your move, a lot easier.

When making a long distance move, it’s important to realize that planning will quickly become your best friend. Well-laid plans will make sure that you leave nothing to chance when the sale of your home, all your life’s possessions and hundreds (or thousands) of miles are involved. Which is why following these few tips will make your life, and your move, a lot easier.

Store Documents in a Safe Place

The last thing you want is to lose an irreplaceable, vital document you need for the closing of your home. This is where making copies comes in. Obviously, keeping the originals is also important, but having an extra set, just in case, is a good way to go.

Allow Time

Don’t allow the new owners of your house to move in until the day of the closing. To have them move in before would only put unnecessary pressure on both parties, and you wouldn’t want them to be put out if the plans change. For the same reason, don’t plan on moving into your new home until the day of your closing either.

Review Your Documents

To ensure a smooth closing – or one as close to smooth as possible – review the needed loan documents beforehand. You may not be able to detect all mistakes present in the forms, but giving yourself more time will make you more likely to catch potential snafus before closing day.

Drive Your Own Car

After the closing is done, pack up the car and get ready to move into your new abode. And we do mean pack up your car. Although you can ship your car, that adds unnecessary expense (barring specific circumstances when it might be needed), so driving your car is a way to save money during your move out of state.

Get Your Bearings

A long distance move means changing cities, neighborhoods and possibly climates, so get ready for a shift in your mindset as well. Before you hop across state or country lines, make a list of the important contact information you’ll need in your new town – the pharmacy, doctor’s office, the best pizza place in town. Once you’re scrambling around unpacking and figuring out your new city, you won’t also want to be frantically looking for a doctor. It pays to do this research ahead of time and to keep it in a safe, memorable spot, so you can find it when you need it most. It might also be a good idea to email it to yourself and your family members and to input these new contacts into your phone, so they’ll be easily accessible.


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