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For Sale By Owner

Frank Grove is not an expert in real estate but that’s not keeping him from selling his house on his own.

“One of the things that my wife and I talked about was that no body knows this house better than we do,” says Grove.

With that, and the help of the website,, Grove and his family’s home are open for business. Grove says, “It’s really been a good help. We’ve had a lot of hits. The last time I looked at it we had over 900 hits.”

The company is designed to help people sell their home without an agent.

According to the forsalebyowner website, it can save you thousands of dollars in agent commission fees.

“Six percent is a lot of money. In today’s economy it makes a difference,” said Grove.

Guy Gunn is the senior vice president of residential sales for Fickling and Company. He says selling a home is a complex transaction with some risks involved.

“That’s sort of the name of the game. You’re going to be meeting strangers and inviting them into your home without anybody else there like a real estate agent to accompany. There’s an old saying that anybody’s job is easy until you have to do it yourself. So I would say people are in for some surprises when they try that and some frustration,” said Gunn.

Gunn says it pays to have a professional to walk you through the entire home selling process.

“Your home is your largest family investment whether you are a buyer or a seller.”

Gunn says he’s had clients who have failed at selling on their own.

“Other times the worse situation is people have had their home sold or so they thought and it tied them up for a significant period of time,” said Gunn.

As for Grove, he’s sticking to his first option.

“It’s been a little frustrating but I’m optimistic,” says Grove.

He’s being patient about taking a stab at selling real estate in a market that’s not what it used to be. charges an up front fee that ranges from 64 to 600 dollars.

Eric Mangan, the director of media relations, says for competitor purposes they don’t disclose year to year numbers on sales and inventory. But on the main page of the forsalebyowner website, it says over 100 thousand homes sold. According to Mangan, the company has been in business since 1999.