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Real Estate Forms Every FSBO Seller Needs (and Where to Get Them)

If something’s going to be official and there are government entities involved, there will be forms. There’s no way around it. Buying and selling real estate is no exception. If you have bought or sold before, you know firsthand how many sheets of paper are involved and how often you have to sign your name at closing. If you are new to real estate transactions be forewarned: Your signing hand will be very tired when the closing is over.

You can navigate this process by being careful and meticulous and relying on the counsel of a qualified attorney. You’ve already filled out the most important form — the contract for the purchase of your home. As you move through the closing process, be prepared to furnish:

• A survey of your property
• Building permits and remodeling receipts
• Home insurance and title insurance documents
• Mortgage, loan and lien documents for financial and estate planning

These are all personal records and should be easy to find in your home files or retrieved from your safe deposit box. You’ll need to find a source for the legal documents you’ll need. Because you’re selling on your own there will be no agent to help you collect the forms you need, but that’s OK. We’ve got the resources you need close at hand.

Visit our Real Estate Forms and Guides Center for all the legal forms you need to close on a home in your state, including disclosures. We also offer related forms and contracts for financial and estate planning.