Dream Kitchen Draws in Buyers

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and home buyers will be looking at its style and layout when house hunting. You want to be sure that your kitchen is looking its best and this means being current and on-trend. An updated kitchen can help your home sell faster and for a potentially higher sale price.

Whether your kitchen needs a renovation prior to putting it on the market or you just want to give it a small refresh, here are some kitchen trend ideas that will help your house stand out.

Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Hexagon Tiles

If you’re selecting a new backsplash tile, consider a hexagon shape. This shape is trending in a big way for everything from large tiles for floors to smaller tiles for shower pans. Hexagons can get a little busy, so be sure to select a simpler color scheme to keep it from being overwhelming in your space. The hexagon itself should serve as the pattern instead of getting an intricate design on the tile.

Stacked Squares

If you want a more traditional tile look, go for a square tile. Hang it in a grid style so the edges line up vertically and horizontally. This is a trendier layout than the offset or brick patterns that were more popular in the past few years. Be careful if you’re doing this DIY because it can be easy to get off the pattern. Make sure you have a straight edge you’re working off of.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Wood Finishes

While white cabinets will never go out of style, wood tones are really trending right now. Wood cabinets are tricky because wood tones so frequently go in and out of style. However, if you are planning to sell your home soon and need to replace the cabinets, you can focus on the wood tones that are really trending right now. For 2021, very light, almost natural-looking wood is the trendiest tone.

Pop Of Color

Painting your cabinets is a great way to update your kitchen without spending a ton of money. Colored cabinets – especially lower cabinets – are still trending hard. While a lot of bold, earthy tones are trending, your safest bets for selling your home quickly would be a charcoal gray, a deep, muted navy, or a deep forest green. Make sure that the color coordinates with both your flooring and countertops for the best look.

Kitchen Faucet Trends

Brushed bronze

Brushed bronze hardware is really having a moment. If you like warm-toned metals, this is a great option. However, it’s not the gold tones of the ’90s – be sure that you go with a matte finish to keep this look current. Angled and flat-edge faucets look much more modern as well compared to the intricate designs of the ’90s.

Black Matte Metals

Whether you go for a modern or rustic look, a black matte finish is both dramatic and trendy. Be sure to select a pull-down style faucet to complete the modern look. If you select a black faucet, try to add black accents in at least two other places in your kitchen, whether in the hardware on your cabinets, light fixtures, or other accessories.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Open Shelving

Open shelving has been trending for a while, and for a good reason: it instantly makes a kitchen feel more light, open, and airy. If your space doesn’t have much storage, consider if there is a spot where you might add a floating shelf or two. Open shelving along the side of a cabinet or near a window are popular options. If you have plenty of upper cabinets, consider taking one or two down – especially near the sink or in a corner – and replacing them with stacked open shelving. When deciding on open shelving, plan to use that space to display your nicer, less-used items since they will be in full view for everyone.

Organized Pantries

Real estate photographers don’t often shoot pantries, but that might be changing. Thanks to the “Get Organized With The Home Edit” show on Netflix, people are obsessed with beautifully organized pantries. Prior to listing your home for sale, take an afternoon to purge and clean out your pantry. Donate or dispose of anything unwanted. Replace food in color-coordinated bins and baskets for a magazine-worthy look. You don’t need to spend anything or much for this project, but it can definitely excite potential buyers! If a buyer sees that you’ve taken the time to replace the wire shelving, they know you have cared for the home.

Kitchen Lighting Trends

Statement Lighting

In the past, it was common to put small, flush mount lighting in the kitchen. Now, it’s popular to add large, statement lighting. As kitchens have become more open and more of the center of a home, you want to treat them like the centerpiece that they are. Whether it’s an oversized lantern, an eight-armed modern chandelier, or even a large drum shade, statement lighting is a way to make a kitchen feel really special.

Pendant Lighting

If you have an island or a peninsula, consider adding pendant lighting overhead. Pendants draw attention to your island as a focal point without overwhelming it. The wires or downrods also help draw the eye upward, making the space seem bigger. In general, you want to have a pendant every 30 inches. Select a metal tone that coordinates with your cabinet hardware or an accent color to match the accessories in your space.

The Bottom Line

Preparing your home to sell can be a stressful experience. While full kitchen renovations typically provide only a 60% return on investment, minor renovations recoup an average of 80% of their costs. Keep these numbers in mind when deciding which kitchen trends to strive for – and which to skip.

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Words That Sell: How To Create Attention-Grabbing Online Listings

In a world that’s constantly becoming more digital, online listings are a great way to sell quickly and efficiently. The customer base being larger and more accessible also means competition between sellers can be fierce. In order to succeed in the digital marketplace, it’s crucial to understand how to write a marketable, attention-grabbing listing.

When you’re listing a house, the tips below can help you make the most of your listing by using psychology-backed wording, pricing and other listing tactics.

Use the menu below to skip ahead to the topic you’re interested in:




Visual of How to Create Effective Online Listings: Words That Sell. Make sure you Consider The Psychology behind selling, choose engaging wording, Find an Emotional Tie, present the facts, Anticipate Concerns and Needs, tailor your pricing, Highlight Price Drops, Post Listings at the Right Time, create Eye-Catching Headlines and Detailed Descriptions, Add images and video as well.

Adjectives And Nouns To Sell Your Home

One of the most important and impactful online listings that you’ll ever write is the one you create to sell your home or property. With so much on the line, it’s crucial to apply the tactics laid out above to your home listing. Based on data gathered by our team, along with real estate trend patterns, we’ve gathered some of the most effective words to gain buyers’ attention and get your home sold fast.

For The Whole Property

There are some adjectives and nouns that are fit for the whole property. Try out these data-backed words to make your listing stand out:

  • remodeled
  • modern
  • classic
  • ranch-style
  • hardwood floors
  • sun-filled
  • inviting
  • upscale
  • historic
  • picturesque
  • family-friendly
  • prestigious
  • wall-to-wall carpeting
  • minimalist
  • beachfront
  • centrally located
  • walking distance
  • close to town
  • close to public transport
  • trails
  • parks
  • safe
  • schools
  • energy-efficient

Note some words to avoid:

  • fixer-upper
  • facelift
  • worn
  • investment
  • TLC

For The Kitchen

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. It’s also one of the most important selling points you can feature. These words are a great way to make your kitchen sound as appealing as possible:

  • custom-built
  • ultra-modern
  • stainless steel
  • chef-grade appliances
  • marble countertops
  • gas stovetop
  • gourmet
  • double oven
  • dry bar
  • island
  • granite

For The Dining Room And Living Room

The places where everyone comes together should be presented as welcoming and open – point out the best qualities of your dining room and living room using these words:

  • designed for entertaining
  • family space
  • family room
  • beamed wood ceilings
  • wet bar
  • window seat
  • vaulted ceiling
  • fireplace
  • For The Master + Bedrooms
  • Bedrooms should be presented as relaxing escapes, so use the words below to market them:
  • retreat
  • natural light
  • ensuite bathroom
  • hardwood
  • carpeting
  • terrace
  • walk-in closet
  • private
  • suite
  • fireplace

For Bathrooms

When marketing your bathroom, it’s important to point out special features like large soaking tubs, steam showers or bathrooms that are accessible for people with disabilities. Here are some great bathroom buzzwords:

  • spacious
  • spa
  • jetted tub
  • updated
  • remodeled
  • marble bath
  • guest bath
  • hideaway
  • double vanity
  • elegant fixtures

Bonus Living Spaces

Bonus spaces are always great assets to feature. Here are some ideas to convert your bonus spaces into buyer bids:

  • loft
  • in-law suite
  • granny flat
  • basement
  • game room
  • private entrance
  • secluded
  • private bathroom
  • cellar
  • kitchenette
  • ensuite

For Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living is a huge real estate trend – great outdoor spaces attract buyers who love entertaining and gardening, as well as those who have kids and pets. Make sure your home listing catches their attention with these words that sell:

  • backyard
  • X-car garage
  • low-maintenance
  • landscaping
  • split-level
  • fenced
  • skyline view
  • manicured lawn
  • deck
  • porch
  • tree-lined

Example Online Listings

Treat every listing as a very important purchase, using the care you’d put into a real estate listing. See the two examples below of what to do and what not to do when creating your own.

words to use in a listing illustration of what to do. Including, Update the listing often and point out the best qualities. Point out a recent price reduction to generate interest. Highlight location and convenience. Anticipate questions potential buyers would have. Add a detailed list of the features buyers prioritize.

words to use in a listing illustration of what not to do. Including, not enough images (have at least 20+), be honest but don't Be honest but don’t talk negatively if it can be avoided. Redundant because that info is already included above. Not specific enough, help buyers imagine their life there. Not exciting enough, entice the buyer with the best features.

While you should always showcase the positives of your property, it’s very important to market your home responsibly and truthfully. Make sure to choose words and phrases that accurately describe your space.

A great online listing is just as important as an open house or great staging. One foolproof way to get your listing in tip-top shape is to get professional assistance. ForSaleByOwner’s Partner service offers a flat-rate package that includes professional photography and marketing services for home listings as well as other great tools.

Remember, when marketing your home, look to other industries for inspiration – you could find the key to making a listing that stands out from the crowd.

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Advertising Your Home

Advertising your home for sale can seem daunting. Not only do you have to get plenty of attention to your home, you have to find the right buyer, too. But don’t worry, if you follow these tips you’ll be on your way to finding buyers in no time.

How to market your home to sell fast

When it comes to advertising your home, there are several things that will help you sell your home fast.

Virtual Tours

The Internet is the leading medium for selling real estate. The National Association of Realtors reports that more than 92% of all home buyers go online to search for a home. The Internet is a fast and cost-effective way to reach millions of buyers. That’s why it’s so important to market your home on the websites where people intuitively gravitate to for real estate listings. Your home needs to pop up when people search using basic descriptors, such as, “house for sale, three bedrooms, finished basement.”

Below are things to keep in mind when you create your online listing to make yours stand out from the crowd.

• Explain the basics

At a minimum, you should list all of the basics of your home. This includes how many square feet, bedrooms and bathrooms, and how much land your property has. This information is essential for buyers to know.

• Include good-quality photographs

Don’t list your home without awesome photos first. Remember, this may be the first time a potential buyer sees your home and it might be your only chance to make a good first impression. Be sure you have plenty of pictures of your entire home and that each room is free of any unnecessary clutter.

• List the features of your home

List any important or high-end features in your home, especially if they’re in the kitchen or bathroom. For the kitchen be sure to mention any details about your appliances, types of flooring and countertops or items related to the floor plan. If you have a breakfast area or open floor plan – include it! For your bathroom, mention things such as dual sinks, walk-in showers or luxury items such as chandeliers or spa-like bathtubs.

• Make sure you include any upgrades

Have you recently remodeled? Make sure to explain to buyers what you’ve done. For example, list if you have updated any of the plumbing or electrical or finished the basement. Don’t forget about the outside features as well! Have a nice patio or porch? Include it in your online listing.

• Don’t leave out the unique details

Are you selling an older home with unique features to a particular era? Point those out in your listing. You never know what might attract a potential buyer.

Home Showings

Once you list your home online, you will start getting calls from interested buyers to come and visit it in person. If someone wants to tour your home early in the morning or late at night, be accommodating!


One of the easiest things to do when selling your own home is to place a “for sale by owner” sign in the front of your property. This will let everyone in the area know that your home is for sale. Make sure your sign can be easily seen from a distance, this way drivers will be able to write down your phone number from the car.

It’s also important to have an effective voicemail message for when you are not around. This message should include the fact that your home is for sale, whether or not it is still available, your asking price, and the size. You may also include any additional information you see fit but be sure not to overwhelm the listener. You’ll want to make sure your tone is cordial and friendly to entice people to come and view your home.

Print advertising

While online advertising is very important, don’t overlook what print advertising can do to help you sell your home. Below are some ideas of print pieces that will help sell your home.

• Home flyer

A good marketing tool is to have a flyer that outlines the various selling points of your home. This can include features such as square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and any amenities such as a pool, deck, spa, etc. Always include several color photos along with the details of your home. Creating a great home flyer will help your home stand out from the crowd.

Once you’ve created your flyer, you can leave some copies in front of the house. That way, when potential buyers see your sign, they can take an information sheet with them. Just don’t forget to replenish them as needed! Make a point of keeping these sheets with you at all times, since you never know when you might encounter a buyer.

• Local publications

Local publications can be worthwhile, especially if your house has a unique look or is in a highly desirable neighborhood. The most obvious example is placing a real estate ad in your local newspaper.

Other options include specialty real estate magazines or direct mail circulars. The downside to this option is that it can be expensive. However, if you do choose to go this route, you’ll get widespread exposure. Your ad should include the fact that you are selling for sale by owner, your asking price, the location, size (number of bedrooms/bathrooms), and phone number.

Depending on the size of your ad and how much you are willing to spend, you can also include special features such as a pool or incentives such as “Motivated Seller.” Be sure to capitalize on the most positive feature of your home. For example, if the location is ideal (close in distance to stores and/or situated in a prestigious neighborhood), your ad should highlight that fact.

Sample ad content: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!! 4BR, 2 ½ Bath, located in the lovely Alpharetta area. Convenient to all, asking only $235,000. Contact John at (555) 555-1212.

Make sure to have several different ads run in rotation. If a buyer sees the same ad for a prolonged period of time, they get the impression that there must be some reason why your home is not selling. You want to consistently maintain and generate interest in your home and keep it “fresh.”

Open house

When you’re selling your home, holding an open house is another excellent way to showcase your property. It provides a friendly setting where buyers can see if your home fits their needs. Best of all, this type of advertising is completely free!

• Have a sign in sheet

Make sure you have a sign-in sheet to keep track of everyone who passes through. This way, you can follow up with any potential buyers. Being proactive is key.

• Provide pre-qualification forms

It’s a good idea to obtain mortgage qualification forms as you may encounter interested buyers eager to start the process. If you need pre-qualification forms or guidance in the mortgage process you can visit

• Hand out copies of your home flyer

Be sure to keep your home flyer handy so prospective buyers will have something to refer to when considering your home.

• Go above and beyond

Nice touches include offering tours of the home rather than a simple walk through or even preparing some baked goods or hors-d’oeuvres for people to snack on.

Be sure to view the full list of open house tips to make sure yours is a success.


Visit local real estate agencies and give them information about your property. Even though you’re selling your home for sale by owner, you can still offer to pay them a referral fee if they bring a buyer in that results in a sale.

Word of mouth

It’s a good idea to think about all the people you come in contact with over the course of a week – the bank teller, the checkout person at the grocery store, your dentist, to name a few. By spreading the word that your house is up for sale, you automatically expand your potential buying base. Each of these people knows other people and may bring you one step closer to finding the right buyer.

Follow the tips above and you’ll be on your way to selling your home in no time! If you have any questions about advertising your home or if you need more guidance, check out our packages for home sellers. We’re here to help!


Most Popular Homes For Sale By Owner in January 2016

December proved to be a strong month for existing home sales, helping to make 2015 one of the strongest years for residential real estate in nearly a decade.

Listings on ForSaleByOwner were even hotter in January with a 62 percent increase in visitors over December. And house hunters aren’t just active in the south; two of our hottest homes for the month are located in the Midwest and one was under contract in only 9 days.

A few of 2015’s trends seem to be continuing into the New Year as well with two of our most popular homes in January coming from our top states for by-owner home sales.

With all of the attention these homes are getting you’ll want to find your favorite before it becomes the next successful sale on

1. 15030 CR 1131, Tyler, TX 75703
Price: $574,800
Highlights: Built in 2000, but recently updated, this beautiful 3,950 square-foot home offers 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms on lots of land. The open concept kitchen includes slab granite countertops, all-new stainless steel appliances and lots of storage. The master suite includes a large walk-in closet and spa bath. A guest house, dedicated satellite tower for high-speed wireless service and more make this home a true one-of-a-kind.

2. 560 Canvasback Cove, Sumter, SC 29150
Price: $298,600
Highlights: This completely renovated 4-bedroom 3-bathroom home sits on a desirable cul-de-sac and features amazing amenities. The master suite includes two walk-in closets and a large Italian marble shower. The kitchen includes new appliances, and granite countertops. A formal dining room, gas fireplace, back patio, two walk-in attics, screened porch, brick fence and great room with vaulted ceiling are just the beginning of what this home has to offer.

3. 115 Coveshire Pl, Madison, AL 35758
Price: $939,000
Highlights: A stunning, 5-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom custom-built, this home is southern living at its finest. High ceilings are included throughout and a wrap-around deck offers stunning views. The master en suite includes a sunroom overlooking the lake and the chef’s kitchen features top of the line Viking appliances. A paneled study/library, exercise room and 4.5-car garage make this home so attractive you’ll never want to leave.

4. 1321 Northlawn Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Price: $184,900
Highlights: Full of upgrades and recently remodeled, this stunning home blends style and energy-efficiency. A striking master suite includes soaker tub, double vanity and spa-like shower. The fireplace, sunny recreation room and gorgeous deck make the main house hard to resist, but the fully furnished mother-in-law suite with large living room, private entrance and walk-in closet in the master suite make this home irresistible.

5. 7555 State Route 582, Woodville, OH 43469
Price: $324,900
Highlights: Built in 2014, this 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home offers 2,600 square feet of living space with an open floor plan. The custom kitchen includes cherry wood cabinets, full side-by-side refrigerator and freezer, large dual-fuel range and island. The master suite offers a generous walk-in closet, large bathroom with double vanity and a sizable shower. The 1,200 square-foot unfinished basement offers unlimited potential.

Which popular home is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


Most Popular Homes For Sale By Owner in August

In August, a home sold on ForSaleByOwner every 40 minutes, with the median time on market of 30 days. That’s four days less than the record for agent-assisted sales set in July.

The sellers of the most popular homes on our site made the most of their social media sales kit and drew in almost 16,000 house hunters alone, resulting in one of these homes being under contract in just 19 days. What else did these sellers do to get so much attention from house hunters?

1. 7770 Whispering Water Lane, Collettesville, NC 28611
Price: $89,900
Highlights: This amazing getaway cabin is the perfect home away from home. Nestled within North Carolina’s beautiful Pisgah National Forest, you’ll discover stunning mountain views, waterfalls and great fishing spots. Two bedrooms, a deck that offers breathtaking views and a fire pit that’s perfect for congregating at night are just a few of the reasons you’ll want to choose this as your new vacation home.

2. 401 Kings Hwy, West Springfield, MA 01089
Price: $229,900
Highlights: A gorgeous 4-bedroom, this Cape Cod-style home has been completely remodeled with stunning features. The kitchen offers brand-new chestnut cabinets and granite countertops as well as a tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances. The large master bedroom features hardwood floors and a walk-in closet. No wonder this home was under contract in less than three weeks.

3. 104 Hilltop Drive, Bellevue, OH 44811
Price: $379,999
Highlights: A two level deck that offers stunning views, heated floors and a beautiful stone gas fireplace are just some of the breathtaking features of this custom-built 4-bedroom brick home. Custom wood cabinetry is featured throughout the kitchen and bathrooms and a walk out finished recreation room leads to a gorgeous patio. The finished and heated garage offers plenty of storage and the professionally landscaped back yard is perfect for enjoying long summer nights and weekends.

4. 21613 W 97th Ter, Lenexa, KS 66220
Price: $365,000
Highlights: This stunning, newly renovated 5-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home is positioned at the top of a quiet cul-de-sac less than two blocks from a highly rated elementary school. With 3,400 square feet of living space that includes amazing like an exercise room, spacious man cave, huge office and smart phone-controlled in-ground sprinkler system, this home won’t stay on the market long.

5. 190 Rick Road, Milford, NJ 08848
Price: $439,000
Highlights: Meticulously maintained by the owner, this 4-bed, 2.5-bath custom Colonial home boasts amazing views and two acres of beautifully landscaped space. The bright and sunny kitchen includes stainless appliances, a walk-in pantry and granite countertops. Step outside the sliding French door and you’ll discover the spacious two-level deck that leads to an amazing built-in pool. This is truly a must-see property.


Most Popular Homes For Sale By Owner in July

July was another big month for by owner sellers. House hunters were out in force on ForSaleByOwner throughout the month and they flocked to these five homes. More than 27,000 buyers were drawn to these listings, resulting in two of these homes being put under contract in less than three weeks. Let’s take a look at what they did to get so much attention.

1. 1216 Bushville Hwy, Arnaudville, LA 70512
Price: $273,000
Highlights: A beautiful and unique Acadian style home, this spacious 3-bed, 3-bath cottage incorporates antique details with modern amenities. The kitchen, with gorgeous Italian cabinets and stainless appliances, leads to the dining and family rooms in an airy open floor plan. The home features two master suites with French doors that open to a wrap-around porch and sunset views downstairs and a balcony, dual sink vanities, oversized soaking tub and a desk nook upstairs. A beautifully staged exterior helped create a listing photo that received hundreds of likes, shares and comments on Facebook.

2. 484 Honey Creek Road, Bellville, OH 44813
Price: $298,900
Highlights: This incredibly spacious 4-bedroom and 3.5-bathroom home is open concept living at its best. The first floor living room includes a corner stone fireplace, cathedral ceiling and plenty of natural light. The large kitchen features cherry cabinets and new appliances added in 2009. The master suite offers a walk-in closet, double vanity, large tub and separate shower. The second story includes an open loft area, three bedrooms and two full baths. By listing their home just before the long Fourth of July weekend and with some added exposure from social media, they were able to get their home under contract within 9 days of listing.

3.1336 Wilmont Street, Fremont, NE 68025
Price: $247,500
Highlights: Built in 2006, this 4-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom has no shortage of fantastic features. The kitchen includes granite countertops, stainless appliances and maple cabinets, while the master suite offers a whirlpool tub, walk-in closet and great natural light. What really makes this home stand out are the high-end finished basement with a theater room and the exterior amenities that include a 600 square foot patio, firepit and basketball court. These sellers held a successful open house to help them market their home and sold within 20 days of listing.

4. 2221 Grays Bend Rd, Centerville, TN 37033
Price: $314,900
Highlights: A 40-acre hobby farm, this property has so much to offer. From the park-like serene and secluded setting to the amazing amenities of the main house, anyone looking to enjoy a quieter and simpler life will fall in love with this home. The main house is a 4-bed, 3-bath that includes an open and air kitchen, library and bonus room. The master bedroom includes a seating area that can be used as a nursery, a large bathroom with a claw foot tub, double sinks and an extra large walk-in shower. An in-law apartment building offers a large master bedroom, kitchen, private bath and a large recreation room.

5. 247 Sardis Church Road, Kite, GA 31049
Price: $179,999
Highlights: Another home in the South with lots of land, this 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom offers 2,300 square feet of living space on 3.4 acres of wooded land. Hardwood floors are featured throughout the living and dining rooms as well as hallways. The kitchen includes new countertops and sink along with a walk-in pantry and large laundry room adjacent. The master suite offers a large, newly remodeled private bath with a jetted tub, walk-in closet, and private access to a covered deck. Although originally built in 1994, within the last 6 years a new roof, heat/AC unit and 50 gallon water heater have been added.


Most Popular Homes For Sale By Owner in June

June was a big month for by owner sellers with a home selling on ForSaleByOwner as quickly as every 36 minutes. Nearly 4 million buyers visited our site and our most popular sellers were ready with well crafted descriptions and expertly placed photos. With existing home sales hitting a six-year high in May, mortgage rates remaining favorable for buyers and the strong traffic we saw in June, July is shaping up to be another big month in real estate. Take a few ideas from these popular independent sellers to draw more attention to your listing while the market’s still hot.

1. 67 Demarest Mill Rd, West Nyack, NY 10994
Price: $595,900
Highlights: This beautiful 4-bed, 2.5-bath Colonial-style home is located on a quiet dead-end street and features a gorgeous backyard. Recent renovations to the kitchen and bathroom included new stainless steel appliances and countertops. Hardwood floors, a brick fireplace, full basement and close proximity to schools, entertainment and the big city make this home perfect for those who want to enjoy peace and quiet without giving up easy access to some of the world’s greatest culture and nightlife.

2. 104 Hilltop Drive, Bellevue, OH 44811
Price: $399,999
Highlights: A two level deck that offers stunning views, heated floors and a beautiful stone gas fireplace are just some of the breathtaking features of this custom-built 4-bedroom brick home. Custom wood cabinetry is featured throughout the kitchen and bathrooms and a walk out finished recreation room leads to a gorgeous patio. The finished and heated garage offers plenty of storage and the professionally landscaped back yard is perfect for enjoying long summer nights and weekends.

3. 1330 Christine Avenue, Anniston, AL 36207
Price: $179,900
Highlights: This 4-bed, 2-bath craftsman home has been fully and lovingly renovated to combine vintage charm with modern convenience. The kitchen features a breakfast bar and generous pantry space, which opens to the formal dining room. A lovely casual breakfast room is perfect for greeting the day before heading out to the backyard patio with two-tiered deck and garden. Stylish bathrooms, spacious bedrooms and a full basement with plenty of room for storage make this a real Southern beauty.

4. 16394 Hardwood Lane, Spring lake, MI 49456
Price: $399,900
Highlights: A custom 6-bedroom, 3-bathroom walk-out ranch situated on a quiet cul-de-sac, this home was built in 2004 with spaciousness and modernity top of mind. The main floor offers a large open floor plan with vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors, while the lower level has been beautifully finished to entertain family and friends with a custom bar and media room pre-wired and insulated for sound. The master suite includes a fabulous private bath and deep walk-in closet. Sale pending!

5. 402 Live Oak Dr., Lafayette, LA 70503
Price: $539,000
Highlights: Lafayette was one of the hottest areas for by owner home sales in the first half of 2015 and this spacious 5-bedroom. 4.5-bathroom is a great example of why. The 3,762 square feet of living space has been beautifully updated and includes top-of-the-line appliances and a butler’s pantry in the kitchen, a jetted tub/shower and spacious walk-in closet in the master suite and a formal dining room. Add in a covered patio and large backyard and this home is perfect for a large or growing family.


Most Popular Homes For Sale By Owner in May

Interested buyers flocked to these five homes for sale by owner in May. What did these sellers do to get so much attention?
One word: marketing.

Many sellers worry that they won’t be able to market their home as well as an agent and so they choose to pay a professional. What they don’t realize is that they can take advantage of the agent’s secret weapon – the MLS – for hundreds of dollars instead of thousands and get the same exposure to buyers.

These sellers made the most of a simple marketing planand put their homes on the MLS.

1. 39642 Primrose Court, Sauk Centre, MN 56378
Price: $459,000
Highlights: With an open style that is perfect for entertaining guests, this 5,000-square foot custom-built dream home includes 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The master suite is incredibly spacious and includes a beautiful fireplace and whirlpool tub. Top-of-the-line features include granite counter tops, custom stained knotty alder cabinets, low-emissive windows and more. Located on a spacious 1-acre lot in a newly established neighborhood makes this a must-see.

2. 41 Belmore Ct, Amherst, NY 14228
Price: $699,900
Highlights: Completely renovated in the last 15 months, this gorgeous 4-bed and 3-bath home is set in a wonderful neighborhood. The kitchen, dining room and living area have been connected into one open space that features a 10′ marble island, chopping block prep island and semi-custom cabinetry. The master bathroom features Carrara Marble and radiant heated flooring, while the master bedroom is incredibly spacious and features a large walk-in closet.

3. 3390 Bostwick Rd, Madison, GA 30650
Price: $239,000
Highlights: 1,935 square feet of pure charm, this 3-bed, 3-bath sits on 4 acres of sprawling, pastoral land with beautiful, large oak trees. In addition to two master suites, this home also features a living room with an attached play/study room, a newly landscaped front yard with flagstone walkway, a large kitchen and dining area. This house is perfect for a new couple, family with children or even those looking to enjoy retirement on lots of land.

4. 3847 Stillmeadow Drive, Wheatfield, IN 46392
Price: $347,000
Highlights: A beautiful single-family home sitting on a 1 acre lot overlooking a large pond, this is country living at its finest. The three large bedrooms can accommodate a large family, providing private space for all. The spacious master bedroom includes lighted double tray ceilings, while the master bathroom allows you to lounge in a soaking tub or shower in a large, glass enclosed, walk-in shower. The kitchen is a chef’s dream and the sunroom offers plenty of light.

5. 119 Alexander Drive, Johnson City, TN 37604
Price: $960,000
Highlights: Modeled after the Josiah Smith home in Charleston, SC, this 6-bed, 5-bath home has so much to love. Double side porches adorn the exterior and the property features apple trees, dogwoods and cherry blossoms. The master suite includes double vanities, built-in cabinet, oversize tub, large walk-in shower, walk-in closet and seats at each window. The large open kitchen/breakfast room is great for cooking and dining while the furnished basement is perfect to entertain.

Will you take advantage of the marketing power of the MLS and top our list of most popular homes in June?


4 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster

Looking to sell your home in a hurry? A quick closing may be right around the corner if you follow these tips.

1. Target What Buyers Desire
While buyers’ first priority continues to be location, house hunters may be willing to pay more and make an offer quicker if a home has the right amenities. The key to a faster sale may not be adding the features buyers are looking for, but marketing the features buyers desire that your home already has.

2. Let Your Price Do the Work
Setting the right price can have a significant impact on how quickly you sell your home and is one of the biggest decisions in the selling process. Something as simple as whether you set your price at a round number ($300,000, for example) or an odd price ($299,999) can affect whether or not your home appears in a buyer’s search as well as having a psychological impact. A few simple steps for smart pricing can help you appear in more home searches and help you market your home.

3. Get Ahead of Negotiations
Are buyers responding to your big yard with concern about maintenance? Does the square footage of your home mean lots of time cleaning for any buyer? Instead of letting this be a pain point, be a savvy negotiator and consider offering up landscaping or cleaning services for the year to move the sale along quicker.

4. Always Be Ready to Close
Don’t wait until you’ve received an offer to begin finding the professionals and forms you’ll need to seal the deal. Having a real estate attorney and closing company chosen and at the ready can help speed up the closing process. Compiling all of the real estate forms you need from deeds to contracts will allow you to be ready for closing at any time.


How FSBO Sellers Can Get the Same Exposure as Agents

More than 80 percent of homes sold are on the MLS, so it makes good business sense for FSBO sellers to think and market like agents — and respect what they bring to the table.

But because by-owner sellers have so many resources at their command these days, they can successfully accomplish the tasks of a home sale, such as pricing and marketing their property, that were once considered the exclusive domain of real estate agents.

In fact, thanks to online services, selling a home is well within the capabilities of anybody willing to follow a series of step-by-step home sale instructions.

“Sellers reach motivated buyers who are conducting their own home searches regardless of whether they’re working with an agent or not,” says Eddie Tyner, general manager of, one of several online services that help sellers bypass real estate agents and their 6 percent commissions.

FSBO sellers can achieve the same results as agents by following their exact steps:

  • Use the Multiple Listing Service. “Harnessing the power of MLS is key to getting maximum exposure for any listing,” Tyner explains. “FSBO sellers with listings on their local MLS get their homes in front of the entire buyer agent community.”
  • Be seen on other home-buying websites. Agents don’t rely solely on the MLS; they cover all possible online bases, including,, Yahoo Real Estate and Craigslist. A good online service will automatically syndicate by-owner listings to these resources.
  • Create a professional listing for your property. Because most buyers begin their home search online, an attractive listing with creative text and compelling photos is essential.
  • Market smart by networking. Successful sellers know that people talk. That’s why printing fliers, advertising in community newspapers, mailing postcards to all of your neighbors and telling everybody you know about your property is so important. You never know who might have a friend who’s looking for a house just like yours.
  • Have an open house. This is where many by-owner sellers fail to emulate the pros, according to Derek Morgan, manager of broker services at “Too many sellers just stick a sign in the yard,” he notes. A top-notch open house requires that it be promoted several weeks in advance, that signs be placed around the neighborhood and that visitors be screened to determine which ones are seriously interested in the property and deserve follow-up contact.
  • Assemble a team of professionals. FSBO sellers can’t do it all themselves. Just like agents, they need to have an experienced real-estate attorney and title agency in on the deal. Tyner describes hiring a lawyer — usually for no more than $500 or so — as one of the most cost-effective steps in selling a home.

When FSBO Sellers Will Want to See an Agent
Although a by-owner seller won’t need an agent to sell a home, often a buyer will bring his or hers to the table. At this point, you’ll need to realize that an agent who delivers a high-quality buyer deserves to be compensated. Typically, you’ll grant them a 3 percent commission.

“We are in favor, actually, of paying an agent if they bring you a buyer, as this is value you might not otherwise get,” Tyner says. “But listing the house, getting it on the MLS and all that, we just don’t think it’s worth the tens of thousands of dollars that some people pay.”

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