Things Homebuyers Should Never Say During an Open House

Touring open houses in a quest to find your new home is exciting for any homebuyer. And while it’s necessary to ask questions while checking out a home, there are some comments potential buyers should keep to themselves.

First, real estate agents, the home’s sellers and the neighbors all have a vested interest in what you say during a tour. Some agents and sellers have even been known to plant recording devices to capture your opinions on the home. This can be a problem for candid buyers, whose comments may leave a bad impression on the seller. The owner could retaliate by being less cooperative or less likely to sell to you based on your opinions.

Second, it can be dangerous to state your opinion of the price of the home. Claiming that the home is too expensive or asking about a specific price before making an offer will give the seller and listing agent more power in the negotiating process. It’s best to discuss a home’s price once you’ve left the property and are with people you trust with that information. Once you’ve made up your mind, making an official offer is the best way to proceed.

Last, don’t forget that the property you’re touring is still the seller’s home. Don’t offend the seller with negative comments about their home’s decor, furniture or personal effects. Focus on the layout and imagine how your own furniture and design elements would look instead. This is a professional transaction, so it’s best to act accordingly and avoid transmitting negative feedback to the seller.

Once you’ve figured out what questions to ask and what comments to keep to yourself, you’ll be able to navigate open houses successfully and, with any luck, find the home of your dreams.

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