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Video: How To Show Your Home

Learn how to show your home like a professional.

It’s all about the first impression! We’ll teach you how to show your home like a professional and help you become versed in the questions to ask potential buyers, the appropriate information to have on hand and how to follow up after a showing.

Showing your house is a series of first impressions. Buyers first see your house from the street – which explains the term ‘curb appeal,’ which is, how appealing the front of your house looks to visitors on the sidewalk or in their cars. From the moment potential buyers step inside, every room makes a first impression. These tips will help you make the most of each of those first impressions.

  • Selling by owner means you can extend a warm greeting to your buyers. Ask them what house characteristics are most important to them. Location? School district? Vintage details? Size? This will enable you to point out those characteristics.
  • Show the potential buyers the supporting documentation for the property, and suggest they pick up their copies on the way out. These documents include the disclosure sheet and homeowner association documents.
  • Once you’ve given your buyers the listing sheet and a booklet about the house, point them in the direction of the main rooms and hold back. They are capable of finding their way through your house. Don’t hover. There is no need to say, “this is the bathroom.” Your buyers can see that for themselves.
  • If the buyers are accompanied by a buyer’s agent, ask that agent if the buyers are prequalified; what their timeline is; and what other houses they have seen or are considering.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the Fair Housing Act so you don’t inadvertently violate its statutes.
  • Keep it about the house, not about your relationship with the house. Everybody leaves behind memories when they sell their house. Buyers don’t need to hear about the wonderful birthday parties hosted in the dining room. They want to envision building their own family memories in the house, so don’t evoke the ghosts of your memories.
  • Be sure you obtain the correct spelling of the names, and their phone numbers and email addresses. Follow up by phone or email the next day.