Words That Sell: How To Create Attention-Grabbing Online Listings

In a world that’s constantly becoming more digital, online listings are a great way to sell quickly and efficiently. The customer base being larger and more accessible also means competition between sellers can be fierce. In order to succeed in the digital marketplace, it’s crucial to understand how to write a marketable, attention-grabbing listing.

When you’re listing a house, the tips below can help you make the most of your listing by using psychology-backed wording, pricing and other listing tactics.

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Visual of How to Create Effective Online Listings: Words That Sell. Make sure you Consider The Psychology behind selling, choose engaging wording, Find an Emotional Tie, present the facts, Anticipate Concerns and Needs, tailor your pricing, Highlight Price Drops, Post Listings at the Right Time, create Eye-Catching Headlines and Detailed Descriptions, Add images and video as well.

Adjectives And Nouns To Sell Your Home

One of the most important and impactful online listings that you’ll ever write is the one you create to sell your home or property. With so much on the line, it’s crucial to apply the tactics laid out above to your home listing. Based on data gathered by our team, along with real estate trend patterns, we’ve gathered some of the most effective words to gain buyers’ attention and get your home sold fast.

For The Whole Property

There are some adjectives and nouns that are fit for the whole property. Try out these data-backed words to make your listing stand out:

  • remodeled
  • modern
  • classic
  • ranch-style
  • hardwood floors
  • sun-filled
  • inviting
  • upscale
  • historic
  • picturesque
  • family-friendly
  • prestigious
  • wall-to-wall carpeting
  • minimalist
  • beachfront
  • centrally located
  • walking distance
  • close to town
  • close to public transport
  • trails
  • parks
  • safe
  • schools
  • energy-efficient

Note some words to avoid:

  • fixer-upper
  • facelift
  • worn
  • investment
  • TLC

For The Kitchen

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. It’s also one of the most important selling points you can feature. These words are a great way to make your kitchen sound as appealing as possible:

  • custom-built
  • ultra-modern
  • stainless steel
  • chef-grade appliances
  • marble countertops
  • gas stovetop
  • gourmet
  • double oven
  • dry bar
  • island
  • granite

For The Dining Room And Living Room

The places where everyone comes together should be presented as welcoming and open – point out the best qualities of your dining room and living room using these words:

  • designed for entertaining
  • family space
  • family room
  • beamed wood ceilings
  • wet bar
  • window seat
  • vaulted ceiling
  • fireplace
  • For The Master + Bedrooms
  • Bedrooms should be presented as relaxing escapes, so use the words below to market them:
  • retreat
  • natural light
  • ensuite bathroom
  • hardwood
  • carpeting
  • terrace
  • walk-in closet
  • private
  • suite
  • fireplace

For Bathrooms

When marketing your bathroom, it’s important to point out special features like large soaking tubs, steam showers or bathrooms that are accessible for people with disabilities. Here are some great bathroom buzzwords:

  • spacious
  • spa
  • jetted tub
  • updated
  • remodeled
  • marble bath
  • guest bath
  • hideaway
  • double vanity
  • elegant fixtures

Bonus Living Spaces

Bonus spaces are always great assets to feature. Here are some ideas to convert your bonus spaces into buyer bids:

  • loft
  • in-law suite
  • granny flat
  • basement
  • game room
  • private entrance
  • secluded
  • private bathroom
  • cellar
  • kitchenette
  • ensuite

For Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living is a huge real estate trend – great outdoor spaces attract buyers who love entertaining and gardening, as well as those who have kids and pets. Make sure your home listing catches their attention with these words that sell:

  • backyard
  • X-car garage
  • low-maintenance
  • landscaping
  • split-level
  • fenced
  • skyline view
  • manicured lawn
  • deck
  • porch
  • tree-lined

Example Online Listings

Treat every listing as a very important purchase, using the care you’d put into a real estate listing. See the two examples below of what to do and what not to do when creating your own.

words to use in a listing illustration of what to do. Including, Update the listing often and point out the best qualities. Point out a recent price reduction to generate interest. Highlight location and convenience. Anticipate questions potential buyers would have. Add a detailed list of the features buyers prioritize.

words to use in a listing illustration of what not to do. Including, not enough images (have at least 20+), be honest but don't Be honest but don’t talk negatively if it can be avoided. Redundant because that info is already included above. Not specific enough, help buyers imagine their life there. Not exciting enough, entice the buyer with the best features.

While you should always showcase the positives of your property, it’s very important to market your home responsibly and truthfully. Make sure to choose words and phrases that accurately describe your space.

A great online listing is just as important as an open house or great staging. One foolproof way to get your listing in tip-top shape is to get professional assistance. ForSaleByOwner’s Partner service offers a flat-rate package that includes professional photography and marketing services for home listings as well as other great tools.

Remember, when marketing your home, look to other industries for inspiration – you could find the key to making a listing that stands out from the crowd.