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4 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster

ForSaleByOwner September 5, 2023

Looking to sell your home in a hurry? A quick closing may be right around the corner if you follow these tips.

1. Target What Buyers Desire

Sold house sign in Midwest suburban setting. Focus on sign.

While buyers’ first priority continues to be location, house hunters may be willing to pay more and make an offer quicker if a home has the right amenities. The key to a faster sale may not be adding the features buyers are looking for, but marketing the features buyers desire that your home already has.

2. Let Your Price Do the Work

Setting the right price can have a significant impact on how quickly you sell your home and is one of the biggest decisions in the selling process. Something as simple as whether you set your price at a round number ($300,000, for example) or an odd price ($299,999) can affect whether or not your home appears in a buyer’s search as well as having a psychological impact. A few simple steps for smart pricing can help you appear in more home searches and help you market your home.

3. Get Ahead of Negotiations

Are buyers responding to your big yard with concern about maintenance? Does the square footage of your home mean lots of time cleaning for any buyer? Instead of letting this be a pain point, be a savvy negotiator and consider offering up landscaping or cleaning services for the year to move the sale along quicker.

4. Always Be Ready to Close

Don’t wait until you’ve received an offer to begin finding the professionals and forms you’ll need to seal the deal. Having a real estate attorney and closing company chosen and at the ready can help speed up the closing process. Compiling all of the real estate forms you need from deeds to contracts will allow you to be ready for closing at any time.