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Buyers Beware: Termite Inspection Is a Vital Step

Steve Flanagan May 6, 2024

Buying a new home can be a stressful experience. You have checked out your neighborhood, your schools and your commute. You have some new furniture in mind. And you don’t want any hidden surprises in the future. A termite inspection is a necessary step that will allow you to enjoy your new home for many years to come — with no termite surprises.

Termites can damage wood in and around a home very quickly. The National Pest Management Association estimates over $5 billion of termite-caused property damage annually. Insurance rarely covers this damage.

Termites are usually found in the ground and in wood. They are rarely seen. You might see a mud tube or tunnel for an army of termites. Sometimes, swarmers or winged termites are seen in the spring when termites are looking for mates. These swarmers are a sign of a mature termite colony. Their job is to leave the colony, mate and start new colonies.

A qualified pest control inspector has the experience and knowledge of termite behavior to spot mud tunnels and other signs that termites are tunneling underneath. A thorough termite inspection will provide a report of existing damage and termites, as well as address whether your home is likely to have future termite problems based on the answers to a number of questions, including:

1. Does your home have a wood frame on slab?
2. How close to your home is your wooden fence?
3. How does water drain around your home?

A thorough termite inspection and assessment of potential future problems is a critical element in any home buying decision. For more information, or to schedule an inspection in the Long Island, NY, area, contact Suburban Exterminating. For other locations, you can find a professional through the National Pest Management Association.

Jason Byer is President of Suburban Exterminating, located in Long Island, NY.

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