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The Importance of Real Estate Yard Signs

ForSaleByOwner August 31, 2023

Yard signs are one the most important marketing tools for a home seller and are used on nearly 80% of all homes on the market. They attract attention to your home from your entire neighborhood. Many people who are looking for a new home will decide upon the neighborhood in which they’d like to live and then drive around that neighborhood looking for available properties.

For this reason, a good professional sign could make a big difference.

While your sign will probably garner less interest than more informative means of advertising like, web listings, it’s still very important. According to national studies, between 10% and 20% of your calls could be based on your sign, depending upon the location of your home. Obviously, a house on a busy street will attract more drive-by attention than a house on a cul-de-sac. But even so, a yard sign is a great source of word-of-mouth from your neighbors and passersby. A cheap looking sign will detract from the otherwise attractive appearance of your home. Even worse, a bad sign could turn off potential buyers by causing them to wonder what else you have tried to cut corners on.

Directional signs also help drive buyers to your property, especially if you do not live on a busy street. Try to count the number of turns form the closest major road to your house and this is the number of directional signs you’ll need.

Studies revealed that professional looking yard signs are one of the most influential sources for the homebuyer. Having a yard sign displaying an internet address alerting buyers where they can get detailed property information and see photos of your home scores big. Yard signs scored higher than home magazines, friends or relatives, builders, television, yellow pages and relocation companies as a source of information used in buying a home.

Given the importance of the yard sign as a home selling tool, you should understand the “makeup” of a yard sign. Yard signs consist of a frame, a printed panel, and the ability to add a brochure dispenser.

Important Characteristics


Signs can take a beating from the different weather conditions and rough handling. For a sign to have a favorable impression over its useful life, it must be durable. First, look for a steel frame that is strong enough to last, yet lightweight that has a powder coated finish, which is the most durable coating for a steel frame. Powder coating creates a smooth, glossy finish that is less likely to snag or rip your clothing, car interior or anything it may come in contact with and is very unlikely to chip.

The printed panel and directional signs should be tough enough for vigorous outdoor use. We recommend that your sign panels are made of coreplast which is made of heavy duty plastic. We recommend coreplast signs that are between 6 and 8mm in size. uses 8mm signs and has tested them rigorously and it withstood winds and rains up to 90mph, so we feel your pretty safe with that kind of durability.


Are the words and URL information legible? Can you read it from a vehicle passing by at 30 mph? It can’t hurt to give it the old drive by test to find out. What is the most important information on your sign? Well if you answered your phone number, your ( did u leave a work out )and the Web site where potential home buyers can get additional information than you’re right? A legible, clean image focusing on those points is more important than a sign that has to much non relevant information which will only cause visual clutter.


Since it’s very important that your sign gets viewed by as many people as possible, try to look at the sign from a distance using multiple angles. Make sure there are no obstructions from where you are standing to your sign, trees’ bushes, mailbox, lawn statues, and anything that could cause the sign to not be seen. You don’t what to go through the trouble of having a great sign and no one seeing it.

The Value of a Brochure Box

No Matter what sign you use make sure you can add a Brochure Dispenser. The Brochure box is made of sturdy clear see through plastic that holds up to 200 sheets of paper and will keep your brochures dry despite the weather. This eye-catching box which says “Take One” will invites a potential home buyer to take an information sheet on your home ensuring that information will always be easily accessible to interested buyers. Your listing converts into a printable brochure, just click on the print a flyer link on your listing and your brochure is ready to print. Like a professional sign, it will result in more qualified callers, since passersby will be able to access all the information they need before they ever pick up the phone to talk to you.