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Dream Kitchen Draws in Buyers

Morgan McBride November 21, 2023

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and home buyers will be looking at its style and layout when house hunting. You want to be sure that your kitchen is looking its best and this means being current and on-trend. An updated kitchen can help your home sell faster and for a potentially higher sale price.

Bright Kitchen Image

Whether your kitchen needs a renovation prior to putting it on the market or you just want to give it a small refresh, here are some kitchen trend ideas that will help your house stand out.

Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Hexagon Tiles

If you’re selecting a new backsplash tile, consider a hexagon shape. This shape is trending in a big way for everything from large tiles for floors to smaller tiles for shower pans. Hexagons can get a little busy, so be sure to select a simpler color scheme to keep it from being overwhelming in your space. The hexagon itself should serve as the pattern instead of getting an intricate design on the tile.

Stacked Squares

If you want a more traditional tile look, go for a square tile. Hang it in a grid style so the edges line up vertically and horizontally. This is a trendier layout than the offset or brick patterns that were more popular in the past few years. Be careful if you’re doing this DIY because it can be easy to get off the pattern. Make sure you have a straight edge you’re working off of.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Wood Finishes

While white cabinets will never go out of style, wood tones are really trending right now. Wood cabinets are tricky because wood tones so frequently go in and out of style. However, if you are planning to sell your home soon and need to replace the cabinets, you can focus on the wood tones that are really trending right now. For 2021, very light, almost natural-looking wood is the trendiest tone.

Pop Of Color

Painting your cabinets is a great way to update your kitchen without spending a ton of money. Colored cabinets – especially lower cabinets – are still trending hard. While a lot of bold, earthy tones are trending, your safest bets for selling your home quickly would be a charcoal gray, a deep, muted navy, or a deep forest green. Make sure that the color coordinates with both your flooring and countertops for the best look.

Kitchen Faucet Trends

Brushed bronze

Brushed bronze hardware is really having a moment. If you like warm-toned metals, this is a great option. However, it’s not the gold tones of the ’90s – be sure that you go with a matte finish to keep this look current. Angled and flat-edge faucets look much more modern as well compared to the intricate designs of the ’90s.

Black Matte Metals

Whether you go for a modern or rustic look, a black matte finish is both dramatic and trendy. Be sure to select a pull-down style faucet to complete the modern look. If you select a black faucet, try to add black accents in at least two other places in your kitchen, whether in the hardware on your cabinets, light fixtures, or other accessories.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Open Shelving

Open shelving has been trending for a while, and for a good reason: it instantly makes a kitchen feel more light, open, and airy. If your space doesn’t have much storage, consider if there is a spot where you might add a floating shelf or two. Open shelving along the side of a cabinet or near a window are popular options. If you have plenty of upper cabinets, consider taking one or two down – especially near the sink or in a corner – and replacing them with stacked open shelving. When deciding on open shelving, plan to use that space to display your nicer, less-used items since they will be in full view for everyone.

Organized Pantries

Real estate photographers don’t often shoot pantries, but that might be changing. Thanks to the “Get Organized With The Home Edit” show on Netflix, people are obsessed with beautifully organized pantries. Prior to listing your home for sale, take an afternoon to purge and clean out your pantry. Donate or dispose of anything unwanted. Replace food in color-coordinated bins and baskets for a magazine-worthy look. You don’t need to spend anything or much for this project, but it can definitely excite potential buyers! If a buyer sees that you’ve taken the time to replace the wire shelving, they know you have cared for the home.

Kitchen Lighting Trends

Statement Lighting

In the past, it was common to put small, flush mount lighting in the kitchen. Now, it’s popular to add large, statement lighting. As kitchens have become more open and more of the center of a home, you want to treat them like the centerpiece that they are. Whether it’s an oversized lantern, an eight-armed modern chandelier, or even a large drum shade, statement lighting is a way to make a kitchen feel really special.

Pendant Lighting

If you have an island or a peninsula, consider adding pendant lighting overhead. Pendants draw attention to your island as a focal point without overwhelming it. The wires or downrods also help draw the eye upward, making the space seem bigger. In general, you want to have a pendant every 30 inches. Select a metal tone that coordinates with your cabinet hardware or an accent color to match the accessories in your space.

The Bottom Line

Preparing your home to sell can be a stressful experience. While full kitchen renovations typically provide only a 60% return on investment, minor renovations recoup an average of 80% of their costs. Keep these numbers in mind when deciding which kitchen trends to strive for – and which to skip.

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