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Get Ready To Move While Selling With These Packing Tips

Andrew Dehan May 10, 2023

Moving is a big task for everyone. Whether you’re doing it all yourself or hiring professionals, there’s plenty you can do to get ready for moving. Organizing your things beforehand will make unpacking easier when you get to your new place. Packing things in the right place ensures you’ll be able to find them when you need them.

Couple on sofa with packing boxes around them.

We’ll break this down into stages. First, we’ll talk about what to pack while trying to sell, then we’ll move to talking about what you should pack after it’s sold. We’ll also cover the supplies needed for packing.

What To Pack Up When Trying To Sell My House

Pack up things you don’t regularly use. Consider nonessential decorations or off-season items. As you pack, label the boxes and store them out of the way, like in the garage, basement or attic. For any items you no longer want, donate them to charity, have a garage sale or sell them online.

Go through every room in your house. Open every closet and drawer. Start pulling out the nonessentials and packing them away. Focus on removing as much clutter as possible. If you find things you haven’t used in years, it’s time to get rid of them, especially if they’re things you haven’t unpacked since you last moved.

One thing that may be difficult for you is to pack away personal keepsake items. Things like family photos and decorations you strongly identify with may make your house your home. But remember, you want buyers to envision themselves in the house. Putting away your family photos may be hard, but think of it as the first step to transitioning homes.

When Should I Start Packing After Selling My House?

As soon as you sign a purchase agreement, organize and start packing. You want to settle into your new home quickly and with as little chaos as possible. Remember that the last things you pack will likely be the first things you want to unpack.

Now is the time to decide what things you absolutely need up until moving and what can get packed up. As you get closer to the moving date, think in shorter terms. Ask yourself “What do I need for the next month?” Then “What do I need for the next week?”

When the move is super close, pack up a personal bag with a few changes of clothes and toiletries. If there ever was a time for paper plates and takeout, it’s now.

What Supplies Do I Need For Moving?

Here’s a few supplies that will help you make sure your stuff arrives to your new home undamaged:

  • Cardboard boxes: You’ll want plenty of boxes of varying sizes. You can purchase boxes new or look for used ones for free online. Many stores often will give you used boxes if you ask for them. Reusing boxes will save you money and is better for the environment.
  • Packing tape: You’ll need plenty of packing tape to keep your boxes closed.
  • Bubble wrap, packing peanuts and newspaper: You’ll need these to keep your items secure in the boxes. Use the bubble wrap for more fragile things like ceramics and glass. Newspaper or old paper bags can be used to protect less fragile items.

What Tools Do I Need For Moving?

Whether you’re doing it all yourself or hiring help, it’s still a good idea to have a few of these on-hand:

  • Furniture dollies: While not absolutely essential, a few furniture dollies will come in handy if you’re moving large furniture pieces. This is doubly true if you don’t have much help.
  • Hand truck: A hand truck is helpful for moving stacks of boxes. If you need to move a large appliance, like a refrigerator or freezer, a heavy-duty appliance hand truck is necessary.
  • Blankets and ratchet straps: If you’re loading anything into a moving truck, the last thing you want is for it to crash around in the back of the truck. Secure rows of items with ratchet straps. Protect furniture and appliances from damage by placing blankets in between them and other items.
  • Box cutters: These are essential for opening boxes and breaking down cardboard. This will help you unpack, but will also help when you need to wrap large or awkward items in cardboard.

Wrapping Up

Moving is a big undertaking. Taking small steps along the way to organize, pack and prepare will make the process much easier. Having the right tools and supplies will also help streamline the move. Be sure to declutter and stage your home for viewings. This will help you get the best offer on a fair market price.

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