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11 Ideas That Can Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

ForSaleByOwner November 2, 2023

If your goal is to sell your home for top dollar, its exterior must be in optimal shape. After all, your curb appeal is the first selling point that prospective buyers will see. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a great deal of money to create a beautiful first impression.

Below are 11 ideas that can help you spruce up your exterior and get your home off the market quickly.

1.  Plant Bushes Under Your Windows

Beautiful home with nice yard.

“Windows with nothing but dirt or grass underneath can look unkempt so it’s a good idea to plant bushes under them. Doing so can make your house appear fresh,” says Luke Babich, licensed REALTOR® and co-founder of Clever Real Estate.

If you do add bushes under your windows, make sure you trim them regularly so they don’t become overgrown.

2. Add A Bench, Swing Set, Garden Path Or Bird Bath To Your Yard

By adding a bench, swing set, garden path or bird bath, you can add some excitement to a smaller or bland house.

“Anything that encourages potential buyers to spend time in your yard and enjoy the outdoors is a great addition to your landscaping,” explains Mike Falahee, owner of Marygrove Awning Company.

3. Stick To Low-Maintenance Plants

Instead of planting exotic plants, stick to low-maintenance ones that can add a pop of color and beauty to your yard.

“Home buyers have a lot on their plates and don’t want to worry about spending a great deal of time maintaining exotic plants,” says John Linden, interior designer and owner of Mirror Coop. He recommends smoke trees and peonies for cold climates and cacti and lady ferns for warmer environments.

4. Add Privacy Curtains

Privacy curtains aren’t just for your windows. Melissa Quinlan, owner and stager of Nashville Staged, suggests adding some light flowing curtain panels to your porch overhang to create a sense of seclusion from neighbors or even muffle road noise. “Curtains will really soften an otherwise hard landscape,” she says.

5. Replace Rotting Trim

Rot-damaged trim can be a huge turnoff to prospective buyers because it can signify that your home hasn’t been properly kept up. “If potential buyers see rotting trim on the exterior of your home, they may leave before even going inside,” explains Fred McGill, CEO and licensed agent at SimpleShowing.

6. Liven Up Your Front Door

“To make your front door look inviting, go over it with a fresh coat of paint and add a large vase with colorful flowers and greenery in front of it,” recommends Nancy Wallace-Laabs, licensed real estate broker of KBN Homes, LLC.

7. Replace Faded Mulch

After a while, mulch will fade from constant exposure to the sun. Therefore, it’s important to refresh your mulch, as doing so can elevate your curb appeal. “Old mulched areas can look very cluttered so make sure you replace them before showing your home,” says Alessandro Mannino of NeighborWho.

8. Declutter Your Yard

If you have a bunch of ornaments and kids toys in your yard, get rid of them. “These things distract prospective homebuyers from what they are actually interested in buying: your house,” explains Quinlan. Less is more when it comes to your yard.

9. Compartmentalize And Prioritize

“Spruce up your yard in different stages: start with the lawn and trees and then move on to big picture items like your patio or outdoor kitchen,” says John Lynch of Lynch Landscaping. Shook encourages you to remember that each yard is different, so a feature on your neighbor’s landscape may not be right for yours.

10. Consider Xeriscaping

If you live in a warm climate, xeriscaping is the way to go. “Rocks instead of mulch are very popular right now, as the rocks won’t erode and don’t need to be replaced every few years the way that mulch does,” explains Cristina Miguelez, remodeling specialist at Fixr.

11. Add An Outdoor Rug

“Add a large outdoor rug to your patio or deck to help define the space,” says Quinlan. Use it as a center point and add modern furniture as well as accent pillows. Prospective buyers will want to take their shoes off and stay a while.

These ideas are sure to lure prospective buyers to your home and help you sell it as soon as possible.