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5 Simple Tasks to Do Before Moving Day

ForSaleByOwner May 17, 2023

After months of open houses, negotiating, paperwork and packing, moving day is finally here. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and anxiety of moving out of your old house and into a new home. So, to save yourself some sweat and trouble, here are five simple tasks to do before moving day to make the move as smooth as possible.

1. Create a Survival Kit

While being thrust into the wilderness isn’t likely to happen on moving day, you should create a box or bag full of essential items that can readily be accessed as soon as you set foot into your new home. This includes toiletries, non-perishable snacks, important paperwork, unpacking supplies and any medications that need to be administered soon after the move is completed.

And don’t forget your pets when assembling the kit! Make sure there are a few snacks for Fido and some litter for Lola in there, too.

2. Make Your Home “Mover-Friendly”

Completely emptying a house of its contents isn’t the easiest task. To make your move quicker and safer, clear off walkways, remove any obstacles that might get in the movers’ way, prop doors open and get rid of any trash that may be lying around. Your movers will appreciate it, and the easier their job is, the safer your belongings will be.

3. Keep the Kids Away

Children, stressful situations and heavy objects don’t tend to mix well together, which is why it’s critical to figure out a way to entertain your kids off-site on moving day. One simplest solution is to ask a family member or friend to look after them during the moving process. Another option: Schedule the move for when the kids are at school. If you have babies or toddlers in day care, make sure you let an administrator know about your situation, just in case he move gets delayed, and you need someone to stay with your child after-hours.

4. Double-Check Everything

Before you leave your old house for good, make sure it’s clean from attic to basement, all your boxes have been loaded in the truck, all windows and doors are locked, and there are no stray items hiding away in cracks or crevices. This will secure the house and prevent any hassles in retrieving anything you may leave behind on moving day.

5. Protect Your Valuables

Losing anything is bad, but losing something of incredible value, monetary or personal, is even worse. Keep your valuables close on moving day, or if you’re trusting them to the movers, make sure you document where they’re securely and safely packed.

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