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Inspector Gadgets: 26 Areas to Check Before the Final Home Inspection

Steve Flanagan May 9, 2023

As soon as you and your buyer agree on a sale price, expect the buyer’s home inspector to come knocking at your door. Don’t be caught by surprise when the inspector appears with his tools of the trade. Do a home inspection beforehand, then fix what needs to be repaired.

Here’s a checklist from A to Z of the main areas in your home to inspect to make sure they are in proper working order.

Be sure your…

Heating/cooling system works properly

Hot water heater is fully functioning

Interior walls are free of cracks

Lights and other fixtures work perfectly

Windows and doors open and close with ease

Locks work properly

Alarm system is in good working order

Shower heads aren’t gummed up

Tub and tile caulk is free of mildew and cracks

Door bell or intercom systems are in working order

Caulking around windows is solid

Window shades and other window treatments are in good shape and work well

Weather stripping on doors is installed properly

Flashing around your chimney is in place

Chimney is capped (to keep critters out)

Fireplace is properly lined and clean (with fireplace screen in place)

Fireplace flue works

Dryer is properly ventilated

Washing machine drains efficiently

Gutters are clean, free of mold and attached properly

Overhead garage door opens with ease (Hint: if you don’t have an electronic garage door opener consider installing one)

Crawl space/basement storage is organized, free of mold and odorless

Sidewalks and driveway are not cracked and pavement is even

Staircase rails are affixed solidly

Electric outlets work

Faucets are drip free

You can also be proactive and pay for a certified pre-inspection of your home that may satisfy the buyer and get you to the closing table quicker.