Is it Better to List Your Home in the Spring?

By ForSaleByOwner

Homeowners may decide to buy or sell a home at any time of year. But if you’re trying to sell, it may be wise to heed the season before you decide to list. According to Redfin, listing during certain seasons might give you a better chance of selling above your listing price.

The study found that listing in the spring gave homeowners the highest likelihood of selling their homes above list. Since the weather is warmer and sunnier, people are more likely to spend time actively house hunting. It’s also the time of year when families consider moving before starting a new school year.

On the other hand, winter offers many advantages for sellers as well. Despite its reputation for being a slow season for real estate, winter is actually a close second to spring when it comes to homes selling above list price. The mindset of people assuming winter is slow for real estate presents an advantage to home sellers, who typically have fewer houses on the market to compete with.

While these are some convincing arguments for choosing an optimal season to sell, it’s important to keep your geographic location in mind, too. Not every city has four true seasons, and some regions have mostly warm or mostly cold climates. Read more about the best seasons to list your home here.