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Save Money on Home Staging and Still Sell Faster

ForSaleByOwner May 11, 2023

Being resourceful and frugal doesn’t just apply to interior design. When staging a home to sell, be careful about spending money. You don’t have to spend a lot to improve your home and get potential home buyers excited about it. Here are some do’s and don’ts that can help you save money on home staging and still get your house off the market in no time.

Don’t Paint The Trim

Even if you need to paint the walls in a few rooms, there’s usually no need to paint the trim when staging your home. If you hire it out, having your trim painted requires more time, effort and money than just painting your walls.

Do Clean Scuff Marks

“Mix together baking soda and warm water to clean your trim and get rid of any scuff marks that give it an outdated look,” suggests Ginny Underwood, a professional organizer at Virginia’s Easy Living Solutions. Simply use a microfiber cloth to clean the affected area and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t Refinish The Floor

If you have hardwood and it isn’t in perfect shape, don’t spend your money on having the floors refinished. Remember that home buyers love hardwood, and it’s always seen as an upgrade even if it’s imperfect.

Do Apply Non-Yellowing Polyurethane

If your floor really needs some TLC, consider a low-cost alternative to refinishing: a fresh topcoat of non-yellowing polyurethane. You can find this solution in the flooring section of your local home improvement store.

Do Place Rugs Strategically

“To cover up worn or faded places of flooring, lay out some nice rugs,” recommends Rhianna Miller, home and yard design expert at Rubber Mulch. Make sure the rugs match your decor and are strategically placed so it’s not obvious that you’re trying to hide something.

Don’t Buy New Furniture

Bedroom furniture is expensive even if you buy it used. The good news is that you don’t have to buy new furniture to win over potential home buyers. There are many other ways you can make your rooms look spacious and well-maintained.

Do Invest In Room Accessories

You can purchase new bedding, a few updated lamps and fresh throw pillows, but make sure they’re things you’d like to take with you to your new home.

Do Get Rid Of Oversized Furniture

“Oversized furniture can make the rooms in your home look smaller than they really are. That’s why it’s a good idea to remove oversized furniture when you’re staging your home,” explains Underwood. You can sell it, donate it or keep it in storage if you hope to keep it for your new house.

Don’t Replace Appliances In Good Condition

If your white or black kitchen appliances are newer and in good condition, don’t worry about replacing them with sleek stainless-steel versions. As long as they work and look good, home buyers will be pleased.

Do Clean Your Appliances

The reality is that potential home buyers will be turned off by a fridge or oven that appears dirty. So while you don’t have to dish out the cash to replace appliances, you do have to take the time to clean them. “Remove all magnets from your fridge and make sure all of your appliances are spotless,” says Underwood.

Don’t Buy New Lights

Lights are a vital part of your home. However, replacing dated light fixtures can really take a toll on your bank account. Fortunately, there are other options.

Do Paint Hanging Light Fixtures Black

Do you have hanging light fixtures that look dated? Rather than replacing them, consider painting them black. It’ll be an instant update that costs very little.

Do Replace Dead Bulbs

If a potential home buyer turns on one of your lights and it doesn’t work, your home may seem poorly maintained. Go through your entire house and make sure that every light fixture works. Clean each light thoroughly and replace dead bulbs as needed.

Do Add To The Existing Lights

Lamps, fairy lights and novelty lights are great ways to add ambiance to any room that may need new lighting. You can also utilize the sun’s natural light for any rooms with windows. “Do not be afraid of being creative. There is no such thing as too much light, anyway,” explains Miller.

Don’t Replace All Your Brass

Shiny brass can make a home look dated, but often there are so many doorknobs, fixtures and hinges that replacing them all is cost-prohibitive. Therefore, you don’t have to go this route. There are other ways to make your home appear updated.

Do Shine It Or Paint Over It

“There are two ways to go with brass: You can shine it up really well and turn it into a selling point or simply paint over it and seal it,” says Miller. If you decide to paint over it, you’ll be able to turn it into a style you like better.

Do Mix Metals In Your Finishes

Guess what? It’s trendy to mix metals in your finishes if you mix the right ones. If you can afford to update some of your dated light fixtures, faucets and cabinet pulls, know that:

  • Brushed nickel and chrome look great when paired with iron and black finishes.
  • Gold and brass look great when paired with an oil-rubbed, bronze finish.

Mix away!

Don’t Repaint Or Neutralize Your Children’s Rooms

Most people expect themed kids’ rooms. They aren’t overwhelmed with the idea of repainting a small child’s room to meet their specific needs or taste. This isn’t an area that will make or break a sale, so don’t bother doing it.

Do Declutter

Although there’s nothing wrong with keeping your kids’ rooms the way they are, you should take the time to go through them and declutter. “Pack away any oversized toys, books and other items so that the room looks bigger and more attractive,” recommends Underwood.

Tell us: Do you have any other ideas for saving money when staging a home to sell?