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How To Lighten And Brighten Your Home

ForSaleByOwner August 9, 2023

Maintaining a light and bright home is one of the keys to attracting potential buyers. After all, nobody wants to live in a dark, dreary environment. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways you can lighten and brighten your home to create that fresh, clean and modern look that’ll get your house off the market in no time. Below are some great tips to help you out.

Master Your Natural Light

Home buyers are all about natural light these days. By filling your home with natural sunlight rather than artificial light from fixtures, you can get potential buyers in a great mood while also saving on energy costs. Here are some ways you can intensify the natural light sources in your home.

Cut Back Overgrown Landscaping

How To Lighten And Brighten Your Home

Trees, shrubs or ivy that are located in front of any of your windows can block natural light from entering your home. If this is an issue for you, break out the hedge clippers and trim the overgrown landscaping to allow more light in.

Remove Heavy Window Treatments

While heavy window treatments are used as decor in many homes, they don’t help lighten the space.

“Remove heavy draperies. They can be replaced with roll-up shades that can still provide shade and privacy but won’t be in the way when you really want to let the light in,” says Amber Carfield, Lead Designer at Kitchens by Good Guys.

Keep Your Windows Clean

Windows can develop a buildup of pollen, dirt and other grime that will give the appearance of an unkempt home while also blocking out natural light. Keep your windows sparkling clean so they can help sell your home.

Utilize Mirrors To Reflect Light

When it comes to adding natural light in your home, mirrors are your best friends.

“An easy way to brighten dark rooms is to place mirrors on walls that can help to bounce the light around. Choose mirrored accessories, such as a side table or dresser, to amplify the light,” suggests Rhianna Miller, designer with RubberMulch.

Add A Skylight

“Skylights let in 50% more light than windows and can be super helpful in rooms without access to an outside wall,” explains Angie Lane, Owner and Architect at A. Lane Architecture.

In addition, skylights can also save on heating costs on cold days and lighting costs during the day.

Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

By using the right paint colors, you can easily make the rooms in your home appear lighter and brighter. Before choosing a wall color, determine what direction the room faces and how much natural light enters the room. Neutral and medium-tone colors work best for rooms that don’t receive an abundance of natural light.

“Paint color can make a big impact on light. However, you don’t have to paint the house white in order to make it feel brighter. Find colors that compliment your floors and furnishings. A warm, lighter grey or beige tone can really help promote a lighter space,” says Carfield.

Improve Indoor Lighting

Improving your indoor lighting can also give your home a light and bright feel. But where do you start? Here are some basic tips on how to enhance the lighting inside of your home.

Use LED Bulbs

“One of the quickest (and energy-efficient) ways to brighten your home is to make sure all of your bulbs are LED with a color temperature of 2700 to 3000k. This is the soft white range, but make sure to get a specific color temperature number,” explains Lane.

Add Table Lamps And Floor Lamps

Table lamps and floor lamps, which come in various sizes and styles, can do wonders for improving your indoor lighting.

“Adding table lamps and floor lamps will allow you to increase indoor lighting just where it’s needed while being versatile enough for seasonal reconfiguration,” says Wendy Gonzalez of Modern Ornament.

Lighten Dark Furniture

Dark furniture can really make the inside of your home darker than most home buyers would like it to be. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

“If you have dark furniture, lighten its appearance with soft, light throws and accent cushions. This will create a brighter space,” explains Ginny Underwood, Owner and Professional Organizer at Virginia’s Easy Living Solutions.

Closing Thoughts

Improving your home’s lighting is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to make rooms look larger and more attractive to potential buyers. Compared to the cost of a home addition that adds actual square footage to your home, lighting upgrades are a drop in the bucket. It makes sense to use them to your advantage.

By making use of natural light, applying a fresh coat of paint and improving your indoor lighting, you’ll impress buyers with a clean and spacious house they’ll be happy to call their own.